MagPI® is a passive indicator that allows for quick identification of magnetic pole polarity. For such identification, one of the ends of MagPI® should be applied vertically along the axis of the tested magnet, and for poles of the same type, the moving magnet inside will be repelled upwards, against the forces of gravity. In addition, because of the scale marked on MagPI®, it is possible to estimate the grade of magnets, provided that their geometrical dimensions are identical. The MagPI® indicator can function as an aid for engineers, scientific researchers, in production and industry, as well as in didactics. MagPI® can be also used for identification of the poles of electromagnets.


Available variants: MagPI®-inch - scale in inches, and MagPI®-mm - scale in mm.

Technical specification: 

  • measurement mode: passive,
  • type of tested magnets: NdFeB, cylindrical, magnetised axially,
  • range of grade indication: N30, N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N52,
  • resolution of the scale: 0.125”,
  • length of the indicator: 3.94”,
  • diameter of the indicator: 0.39”,
  • weight of the indicator: 0.71 oz,
  • temperature range: -40 to 104 °F.