Magnetic field reader MFR-1 enables the user to view the location of magnetic poles of a stationary magnetic field created by permanent magnets or DC electromagnets. The reader is usable to quick quality control of permanent magnets and devices constructed from them. It can also serve for educational purposes. For the sake of its flexibility, the reader can picture the location of magnetic poles in three-dimensional space.

The reader, placed in a magnetic field, pictures the location of the magnetic poles (dark green areas of the reader) and transitions between the magnetic poles, where the magnetic field strength is very small or equal to zero (light green areas of the reader). The reader memorizes the picture of a given magnetic field, but after placing it in a magnetic field with a different configuration of force lines, the previous picture becomes completely erased. The previous picture can also be erased by running a permanent magnet across the reader surface - the magnet’s width or diameter should be larger than the reader’s width. Then, the reader takes on a uniform dark green colour.

  • mfr-1.pdf

    Karta katalogowa czytnika pola magnetycznego MFR-1