Magnetic field indicators CFI-H & CFI-L

The cylindrical magnetic field indicators CFI-H and CFI-L are designed for the permanent registration of a magnetic field presence. Inter alia, they can be used for the identification of attempts to affect measuring devices with a permanent magnet or electromagnet (e.g. watt-hour meters, water meters, gas meters) whose operation correctness, and thus the measuring accuracy of the medium used, is disrupted by an external magnetic field.

The installation consists in applying the indicators on a flat and smooth surface with the help of the transparent, self-adhesive tape being an integral part of the indicator.

Magnetic field indicators CFI:

  • they do not require any electrical or mechanical energy for operation,
  • they have different sensitivity: >150 mT (120 kA/m) for CFI-H and >38 mT (30 kA/m) for CFI-L,
  • they do not require additional devices to verify their indication,
  • they are resistant for restoration of their indication before a magnet action,
  • they require a special unique protecting hologram (included),
  • they are subject of patent applications and utility designs in many countries.
  • cfi-h.pdf

    Karta katalogowa wskaźnika pola magnetycznego CFI-H

  • cfi-l.pdf

    Karta katalogowa wskaźnika pola magnetycznego CFI-L