Magnetic field indicator MFI-3

The magnetic field indicator MFI-3 is designed for the permanent registration of a magnetic field presence. Inter alia, it can be used for the identification of attempts to affect measuring devices with a neodymium magnet (e.g. watt-hour meters and time switches for them, water meters, gas meters) whose operation correctness, and thus the measuring accuracy of the medium used, is disrupted by an external magnetic field.

The installation consists in applying the indicator on a flat surface with the help of the transparent, self-adhesive tape being an integral part of the indicator.

Magnetic field indicator MFI-3:

  • appropriate sensitivity - magnetic figures are erased at the magnetic field strength higher than 100 kA/m (compatibility with EN 14154 standard),
  • high durability of picture of magnetic domains ("magnetic characters"),
  • does not require any electric supply,
  • impossibility to restore magnetic figures in home conditions,
  • ease check possibility of presence of magnetic geometric figures in dark niches and difficult of access places,
  • high mechanical durability, high operational reliability and long life,
  • resistance to high dampness and water streams,
  • wide range of temperature resistance (- 40 up to  + 70 ºC).
  • mfi-3.pdf

    Karta katalogowa wskaźnika pola magnetycznego MFI-3

  • mfi-3_protokol.pdf

    Przykładowy protokół montażu wskaźnika pola magnetycznego MFI-3